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Mirror & Glass Repair

Off the Wall Framing provides a mirror and glass repair service. We can repair a large range of items including car door mirrors, antique mirrors, mirrored doors and table tops. Mirrors and glass can also be ordered at custom sizes and a range of thicknesses and colour. We can provide bevelled, polished or clean cut edging..



Restore the glory of your older frames. We can clean the frames inside and out, replace broken glass, touch up cracks and corners, replace hanging attachments or refresh your existing frame with new professional matboard and backing using only high quality, acid-free materials.


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Restore your old photographs and artworks. We can create digital and printed restorations free of creases, stains, rips, missing edges, water damage, acid-damage and fading. We can remove any unwanted areas of the image including changing backgrounds and removing people, objects or text.


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