The Art of Off The Wall Framing: Quality Pieces to Brighten Your Space

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When personalising a space, taste, emotion, and aesthetics convey precisely the message we’re looking for. The right piece in the correct position will pull a look together while demonstrating that we have an eye for good art. People seek Off The Wall Framing’s services because they know their walls can be as stunning as the […]

From Blank Canvas to Wow: Revealing Hand-Painted Art, Paronamic Prints & Sydney Framing Solutions

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Adding the finishing touches to your home or office takes time, not to mention patience. You might have your furniture, sofas and chairs all sorted, but nothing quite personalises a space like the art on your walls – the only place in your decor to express your personality. At Off The Wall Framing, we curate […]

Finding Artistic Treasures: Off The Wall Framing’s Online Gallery

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Every art lover knows that one classic painting or sculpture can give a room new meaning and appeal. Off The Wall is a one-stop shop online in Sydney that adds to the overall aesthetic for those who seek to give their space artful touches. The Allure of Artworks Art can transport us and tell us […]